I'm sorry

"I'm sorry doesn't cut it, take your butt in your hands and move on these situation.

"I'm sorry" doesn't cut it, take your butt in your hands and move on these situations.. In many countries on our planet earth the word “Human Rights” is a foreign concept.
When you research, you will find the many countries in which a regime or dictator has been governing for years and suppressing their own people in the most brutal ways. It’s hard to believe. In how many countries there is war against another country or it’s civil war.

How many children are dying daily of HIV/Aids, or through hunger and no clean drinking water.

How many children are dying a mental death, through child trafficking or through child abuse.

How many children are dying because they are child soldiers. How many children are not aloud to visit a kinder garden, school or university.

How many children look with their sad big eyes up to us and ask for help. How many children have to die until we adults take our “butt’s” in our hands and move on these situations.

When will the time come that we all understand - that no situation is too far away. We can’t say this doesn‘t concern me. In other countries people die for the right to vote in a democratic government. Innocent blood was shed for these rights in these countries and it is our high responsibility to VOTE.

When you see there is a problem in your own friendships, relationships, neighborhoods, marriages and where you work, ask yourself what can I do to bring about the positive changes needed. Don‘t tell me you are sorry; just make the decision to be part of the solution and not the perpetuation of the problem. It’s my prayer that you will not let their innocent blood be on your hands.

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