Sometimes Thoughts

Sometimes Thoughts 

Sometimes I feel so strong and sometimes the problems just feel too big.  
Sometimes I think I can walk like John Wayne and sometimes I fall over every stone.  
Sometimes I can reach the highest mountain and in the next moment I fall deeper than the depth of any ocean.  
Sometimes I feel I have reached the goal and than I feel I have lost the way.  
Sometimes I feel so powerful and sometimes I feel so empty.  
Sometimes I feel that everybody loves me and sometimes I feel so alone.  
Sometimes I feel my whole life is worthless.  


Everyone on this earth, whether rich or poor, little or tall, black, red or white, or Christian, Jewish or Muslim – everyone on this earth knows these feelings.
Everyone experiences these “SOMETIMES” feelings or they will at some time. “Sometimes” is past, present and future at some time for everyone.
The problem with all these “Sometimes Stories” is when you are alone and there is no one to talk with. Or perhaps you feel too ashamed to talk about your problems.  
The answer to all these “Sometimes” is that we need a friend, a brother, and a sister that we can talk and share with. We have to learn, that to share a problem and to share sadness or happiness is always better and makes life much easier, enriches our soul and brings us more success.

Together we are strong and whether we are kneeling or walking to the top of a mountain, together we can make a difference in our lives, relationships, neighborhoods, community and family. Every day really is a new day to make a difference. The children in our world need our help and not just to keep talking about it or putting it off until tomorrow. Today is the day, not tomorrow and not next week; today is the day to make a difference. Children in our world have no time for delays; children need a future and hope. We, yes, that’s you and I, are responsible for this. We don’t need children soldiers and we don’t need children who work in companies as child labor. We need children to go to kindergarten, to go to school and get the best on education that they can get. Children are our future, yours and mine. Always know that the answer to war is Non Violence and that we are all winners! 


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