The week starts like the old week end... or does it?

The week starts like the old week end... or does it?

Last week was exhausting and the weekend is over. Sometimes the weekend is not long enough to refill the spirit and body for the new week. I have a question.

How will you feel and what will you do, when you open the door, expecting a new landscape and all that you see is familiar as you stand in front of the same seemingly huge mountain from last week.

You have only two options !

1. The world’s view;
You close the door very fast and after few minutes of silence you open the door again very slowly because it could been a Fata Morgana (mirage) , or you had a bad dream. So you stand  in front of the big mountain, you’re exhausted and depressed, and you close the door totally frustrated and go back to your bed.

2. The higher road;
You open the door and you see the same mountain from last week, and you say: "Hi how are you’re doing, I knew you my friend". You look for your mountain shoes, backpack and rain jacket and you start up with a smile to climb the mountain.

When you are confronted with this situation the question is, will you be the person who sit’s in the valley and cries in self-pity, thinking you are defeated, or are you  the person who is filled with power and hope, willing to start climbing to the top !
With firm resolve you use your power and work through the occasional  pain continually moving forward  to obtain success.

God is be your best friend. When you ask for His help, He will be there for you. When the whole world runs away from you, a good friend stays.

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