Through it all

Through it all

My Testimony: “By the time I was four years old I had a guitar in my hand, which soon became my best friend. My Dad showed me the first riffs and how to play it. Soon I realized that the guitar might be my best friend, but my true gift from God was my voice. Immediately after school I would race home and go straight to my room to play my guitar and listen to the Beatles, Elvis Presley and Andraé Crouch. Popand Gospel music was always playing in my head.
Every Sunday my twin sister, Barbara and I visited the Protestant Church in our hometown. I was fascinated by God's word. At the age of twelve I realized the power of His word and how He was touching my life. At twelve I understood that the Bible gave the answers to every detail in my life.

Then one summer after I turned sixteen, while on a music vacation for young Christian teens, the pastor invited us to give our life to Jesus thru Baptism. We had the night to think about what this would mean. I couldn't sleep. I was sure that the only answer for me was to be baptized. The next day was full of excitement. The day was calm and beautiful. I walked out into the lake to be greeted by the Pastor, as he placed his hand on top of my head and began to baptize me the sky became dark and stormy. Seconds later as I came up from the water the lake became calm again and the weather still. Never in my life have I ever felt so close to God and the Holy Spirit. I could feel God's presence everywhere! Right then I knew God had a plan for me.

But life is not that easy. My life went through many ups and downs and sometimes it just was not that easy to hear what God was trying to tell me. Sometimes I was so deep in trouble or so involved in my business that I gave God no space in my life or only when I hit bottom and was so down that there was no other way but to seek His help and forgiveness. God never gave up on me. He carried me through it all and this is what gives me true joy. He never left me. After years of going through tears and sorrows, walking through the valleys and mountains in my life, I feel very strong that I am now ready for the big work God has in store for me to do. God is an awesome and powerful God and with Him on my side anything is possible. With His guidance the United Nation's song will be published this year and will have a worldwide distribution. The song will be the networking and foundation for the worldwide concerts where generated money will give children in our world hope and a future. We can change the world when each of us does our part. We can all do something to make life brighter for someone else. The kindeness you give to others comes back to you.  
Thank God that He brought me out of the  darkness and into His marvelous light”


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