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Wolfgang Hildebrandt Quotes

    1. Today is the day, not tomorrow - not next week. Today is the day to make a difference.

    2. A Smile is the beginning of peace

    3. Music is a universal language

    4. Children are the future and when Children have no future, no-one has a future

    5. Let's change guns into guitars

    6. I have dreams but I am not a dreamer

    7. The way of peace is always under construction

    8. Some of the best ballads came into being as tears were turned into musical notes.

    9. We must also learn, that while many will love your ideas and perhaps your passion, likewise many will embrace neither

    10. The way of freedom is never a short journey, but most likely a long walk through valleys and mountains

    11. Music is a universal language and for me the most meaningful instrument I have for spreading peace

    12. When Africa is in a good health the entire world is in a good health

    13. It’s sometimes difficult to attract interest and understanding, but as citizens of the world we must remain vigilant

    14. Our selfish thoughts have never to pay a role in that. For it is in learning that only together we can make a difference and through our lives we will show others the greatness and service we might render

    15. When my neighbor isn’t feeling good – how I can feel good?

    16. Throughout all my travels one most one of the important things that I've learned is that's what may seem normal for you is simply a dimension for others

    17. Let's build bridges, not walls. Let's build a bridge to a new day paved in kindness and respect for others

    18. Friendships are color-blind

    19. Making one person smile can change the world – maybe not the whole world, but their world

    20. The work of peace starts within the human soul. It has the power to transform a city, a state; then bloom transforming an entire nation. We can create peace. Today and everyday, it starts with you and me.

    21. Music is the sound of our soul.
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