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No border wall between Mexico and the USA


On Jan. 25, 2017 President Donald Trump signed executive orders related to the construction of a wall along the Mexican border and immigration at the Department of Homeland Security. Praise God, it's just not possible to build a wall without funding — at least not yet.

This means we have some time to protest against President Trump's famous United States-Mexico border wall, so that his campaign promise doesn't become a reality. 

I hope we will have a chance but all together we can can do it.
The funding for the wall is approved, it will likely cost billions of US dollars. One study from MIT pegs the cost to be between $15 billion and $30 billion. This money could be used in chiders education but not to build a wall between nations.

In Germany we already had the bad experience with the German wall. You can't stop a dream with a physical wall. 
A wall is never again the answer of a lot of questions. It brings only hate.